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The Chauffeur's Chair

This chair was a  retirement gift to the current owner's great grandfather, the chauffeur to a Lord. It's where he sat and waited on call in the kitchen of the big house.

The seat had completely collapsed but was restored with a piece of specially antiqued leather.

Alex's Dining Chairs

Six dining chairs and two carvers all fully re-upholstered and covered in hide. The set came from Alex's grandparents and were the first pieces of furniture in her new house.

Ruth's Dining Chairs

This eight piece set of dining chairs was bought by Ruth's grandparents in the 1930's when they moved to a farmhouse in Kent for the duration of the war. They then went to Ruth's parents and were in the house where she grew up. Now they adorn Ruth's dinning room. I fully re-upholstered the whole set, two at a time, so that the family always had something to sit on.

Period Desk Chair

This little swivel desk chair was re-upholstered pincushion style in green leather and finished with brass domed nails.

It belongs to an ex-member of the East Enders cast.

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