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Caned Seats

Many small chairs had a plywood pannel nailed over the seat when the caning fell apart. If you turn the chair over you can see the original drilled holes. These chairs can easily be restored.


Here are a couple of caned seats including a saddleback, where the seat is curved and the cane work has to follow the curve.

Eugenie's Chairs

This is one of a pair of chairs (possibly French) that were fished out of a skip after being used for an advertising shoot. The cane was broken and they were painted white. Eugenie's husband lovingly stripped and polished them and then they came to me to be re-caned. The backs are done in the spider's weave pattern where a central medallion is held in place by the cane work. They were finished with a deep cushion filled with feather and down.

Two Chinoiserie Chairs

The owner of these chairs, an architectural historian, spotted them at Brick Lane Market years ago. Although made of wood they are carved to look like bamboo, a style very popular at the end of the eighteenth century. I re-caned them in the six-way pattern with a beaded edge.

This pretty little chair was picked up for a song in a hospice shop. I re-caned the arms and reupholstered the fluted back and re-made the foam cushion and cover,  It's now Gus's favourite chair.

Helen & Gus's Chair

Scandinavian Settle. 

A classic piece of 60's furniture this settle was a new departure for me. The seat had given up entirely and part of the back needed repairing. It's worked in seagrass hooked around nails on the underside. 

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