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Barbara's Chair

This beautiful Edwardian wing-backed armchair came

to Barbara after it was bought at a country house sale to be used as set dressing on a film in the 1980's. It's been given a very contemporary look with a striped velvet. I particularly like the way the stripes curve over the wings.

Barbara's Other Chair

The second chair came from the same film shoot but no one can remember how it got into the house. We finally had to get the builders to remove the front window so that we could take it off to my workshop and bring it back.

Bedroom Chair and Blanket Box.

Karen has a good eye for a bargain and found both these items very cheap at boot fairs or junk shops. She then got me to re-cover them in a striped velvet to great effect.

This chair was originally covered in a floral printed linen and faded badly in the sun so it was decided to re-cover it in a tartan wool. The owner decided to call it The Balmoral Chair after the Queen's house in Scotland where almost everything, including the carpets, is tartan.

The Balmoral Chair

Gran Brown's Heirloom

No one is quite sure how this Ernest Race chair came into the possession of Mrs Brown in Littlehampton. The rest of her house was furnished conventionally. The chair was passed down to her grandson who recognised its pedigree and asked me to restore it. Aware that this was a conservation piece I carefully re-covered it in a suitable 1950’s style of fabric with contrasting buttons and piping.

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