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This is a well travelled chair. I re-upholstered it in Amsterdam but it  has previously lived in London and the United States

It's covered in an attractive Indian 'Khadi' hand-loomed cloth. 

Karen's Chair

Cal's Captain's Chairs

The owner of these two chairs is a theatre director. He found them on ebay along with a two seater sofa which was bought separately and now sits in the foyer of a West End Theatre. Obviously this style appeals to theatricals.

Sofa Transformed

A real tale of before and after. This beaten up beast was transformed with some careful pattern matching, into a magnificent three seater sofa.

Bedroom Chair

This pretty little armchair was found on the pavement outside a junk shop on the Old Kent Road. I imagine it originally had loose covers as it was covered in rather grubby ticking.

Re-upholstered in this contemporary fabric it's developed a whole new personality.

Victorian Button-Backed Chair

This was one of the first chairs Beryl ever bought for her new home. She found it in an antique shop on Kensington Church Street for £13 in the late 50's. The chair underwent a full restoration in 2005 and at one time the frame resembled a bundle of firewood. It's now fully restored with a top cover in a linen velvet.

Penny's Chair

Discovered in a junk shop in Whetstone with it's springs sticking out, this is the chair on which Penny nursed her first child. It's covered in a popular 'Matelasse' fabric that required some inventive pattern matching.

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